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mister genius walked
fields of imagination
lost brains to a book
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We went to Broken Dreams Avenue, right after Lost Highway.
At the corner was this elder dude with his back and eyes as broken as the place. He’d been there since the street was baptized, he told us. Since before the war, even. I wondered what war he was ranting about but my partner didn’t want us to stop here. We needed to go deeper into that hole of gloom and darkness, full of scum with no horizon. Couldn’t figure out why but eh, I owed him.
- C’mon, gentlemen, you two be kind and I’ll tell you a story, a good one.
But the old man wouldn’t let go.
But the old man couldn’t let go. He was sort of the great mighty guard of the frontier and the tin box he waved was his weapon to defend what was home for him, with two of his own teeth inside, ringing for charity in a place where it didn’t exist. Where it couldn’t exist.
A guard ‘tween them and us, he was, ‘tween us lot here and the big wealthy folks from upper town I reckon
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fishes floating by
shipwrecks quietly decayed
thunder drawing near
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I was long dead before my mother could push me out.
Here’s what I’m thinking while this bullet comes claiming property over my brains, right before my eyes.
Grey eyes.
My mother, she had grey eyes. Uncommon color, around here. I got 'em too, by this magical process they call heredity. I call it misery. Lack of luck. Fucking doom.
My killer, he’s got green ones. Greeny greedy little balls of light sparkling through this cold winterish night of August. Staring at me being shot as if it will change anything to his petty underlife of his.
Don’t hope, lad. Don’t. You will die miserable, same way you were born. We all will. And I’m leading the way.
A shot in the dark.
Seems I was mistaken. The boy is the one falling to his knees with a hole in his skull. Greeny-reddy eyes, he got there.
They say you see your life flashing in front of you when you die a violent death. They’re wrong. You don’t see it flashing. You don’t see it. You see
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there was a fire one day
there was a fire one day
it was all dark and red and smoke
and heat and sweat and death
the roof fell on them and i stood there watching
it wasn't funny nor was i wounded
oh i was wounded all right but not this way
and they screamed and tried and screamed
and i watched and stood and watched
i was there and they weren't anymore
they'd been there too but they couldn't stay
and i couldn't let them linger
there was a fire one day
and i could smell the wood calling for help
and i could hear the house asking mercy
they were all in there but the house wasn't guilty
just a witness i couldn't save
just a witness that had to go
there was a fire one day
i could have saved them
i could have called someone
the police maybe
but i hadn't done it when i should have
when for my sake i should have
so i couldn't do it then
and i didn't
and i grinned
and i laughed
and the neighbour asked me why
and i said i was crying
and i was
but my tears were tears of joy
and when the police he had c
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white bird flying by
red puddle of agony
tonight of all nights
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be still
be still he says
be still or it'll hurt like hell
can't be still
not now
been still my whole life
can't now
i hate it
i hate him
i hate
he goes for it
it kills me
it hurts
it hurts so much
blood coming out
flesh torn apart
upside down
heart sinking
it hurts
it hurts like hell
one, two, three
he's finished
i'm still
i'm still now
knife in the dark
i'm still
i'm still now
blade near my chest
please don't
i'm still
edge on my skin
i'm dead
i'm dead now
been dead all my life
couldn't get worse i thought
so wrong i was
so wrong
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